Our Story: A Leap of Faith

During 2020, Jo was craving something new to do amid sheltering-in-place. As a creative outlet, she started upcyling peel-away calendars by artfully cutting and glossing them over plain slate coasters. However, no one needs that many coasters. She founded MadeForYou by JoJo on Etsy to find them appreciative homes.

As 2022 approached, lots of life changes were happening. After two years of societal isolation, they moved for the first time since becoming empty-nesters, quickly realizing how disconnected from the world they felt. Cory, also, was starting to think about retirement from his physically demanding job, contemplating how to keep busy for his next phase of life. During this season of change and prayer, both of them started to get the oddest advertisements… for lasers. Jo brought it up to Cory and they discerned it was an answer from the Lord.

Together, they founded CoJoDa Unlimited; Cory and Jo Dammen, Unlimited in the power of Christ. Jo repurposed her previous Etsy store to integrate her husband to their new brand. By upholding the tenants of Faith, Family, and Freedom, they started attending events to vend their new products to their local communities, from Williamson County to Bell County.

Cory and Jo have never been happier. Not only has becoming business partners strengthened their marriage, but their products and the events also strengthened their relationship with their neighbors and greater communities. CoJoDa Unlimited is a business of joy and giving, and we’re happy to include you. 

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